General Contracting

Compass Contracting Co.offers complete general contracting services including Civil and MEP works, our team can also offer you all types of designs when required. We have particular focus on quality service and customer satisfaction, delivering projects on time and within budget.

Our company has extensive construction experience over a wide range of sectors, undertaking work as either package contractor or specialist sub-contractor depending on clients requirements.

Compass Contracting Co. provides all of the material, labour, equipment and services necessary for the construction of the project.We handle all Civil and MEP works, that include and not limited to:

Civil Works

Civil Works are one of those construction stages where you want the job done right the first time. You want to know your project will be completed by skilled and dependable industry professionals who take pride in a job well done.

Compass Contracting Co. well-coordinated set of works resolve challenges and provide a great opportunity to coordinate and collaborate activities before and during construction, which eventually enhance the ability of the project to be built.

  • Some of our Civil Works services:
    • Plaster work, mortar work, spray work, grinding work, and washing out
    • Scaffold work; salvage work; pulling work; construction of footings and other auxiliary structures; transport and placement (lifting) of heavy objects; assembly of steel frames; mounting of concrete blocks; and disassembly/demolition work
    • Pile work, pile driving, pile pulling, and in-place-casting
    • Earth work, excavation, root-cutting, blasting operations, and embankment work
    • Concrete work, concrete driving work, concrete compression work, and prestressed concrete work
    • Stone masonry or pitching and concrete block masonry or pitching
    • Roof-cladding work
    • Steel reinforcement processing and assembly and gas pressure welding
    • Asphalt, concrete, and block paving and road construction
    • Waterproofing work, asphalt waterproofing, sealing work, paint membrane waterproofing, sheet waterproofing, and injection waterproofing
    • Painting
    • Heat isolation
    • Floor and walls tiling


MEP Works (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing)

Compass Contracting Co. supply and engineer various types of mechanical, electrical and plumbinginstallationswhich are used in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. MEP work is an area that requires close collaboration between mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers during the design and execution process, such of these works are:

  • MEP Works
    • Power generation facilities, electrical wiring, lead-in line, transformer facilities, interior electrical facilities (including electrical facilities for emergency use), illumination facilities,
    • Cooling and heating facilities, freezer/refrigerator facilities, water/hot water supply facilities, kitchen facilities, hygiene facilities, water purification facilities, water toilet facilities, gas pipe, duct, and pipe rehabilitation work
    • Plant installation, transport machinery setup, internal combustion power plant installation, separating machinery setup, water collecting machinery setup, storage and drainage machinery setup, temporary dam setup
    •  Work related to attachment of metal fittings, sashes, metal curtain walls, shutters, automatic doors
    • HVAC works and all kind of air ducts
    • Plumbing installations