Project Management

Compass Contracting Co. provides qualified project and construction management services to its clients to ensure all their needs and regulations are efficiently met. Our project management services cover the whole project, from inception to completion. We treat each project as unique and we maintain transparency, which we see as two of the keys to project success.

Compass Contracting Co. helps clients to maintain control of every aspect — quality, cost, program, delivery and safety.Our professional, collaborative and inclusive management style promotes effective working relationships between all parties.

Refining our management expertise and techniques is an ongoing process. We are continually growing our skills, and incorporating the benefits of these improvements into future projects.

  • Services we deliver include:
    • Project planning
    • Value engineering
    • Contract tendering
    • Multidisciplinary bids
    • Design management
    • Bid management
    • Contract administration
    • Programmanagement
    • Supply chain management
    • Construction management
    • Project programming
    • Procurement/purchasing
    • Installation management